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Give your car a little growl

Whether you need custom exhaust for a car or a pick-up truck, we're ready to help you find the noise you're looking for! You'll get specialized assistance from us - we'll build the exhaust system you're looking for to your specifications.

•  Trucks, small import, hot rod vehicles

•  4" diesel exhaust

•  CAT back systems - change exhaust out

•  Borla custom exhaust

•  Flow Master custom exhaust

•  MagnaFlow custom exhaust

Your perfect custom exhaust

Your exhaust will keep purring on your car for as long as you need it to! We offer warranties on our installations for as long as you personally still own the product.


You'll always get the full manufacturer's warranty on any products you purchase with us, as well.

Get a warranty on our exhaust work


Ask our experienced auto technicians!



You'll get only the best in auto service with Manteca Truck Accessories! Our technicians have a combined 30 years of experience.